Why Us

At Cardno, we are committed to quality engineering and a superior level of service. We conscientiously honor our clients’ objectives, schedules, and budgets. We dynamically contribute to the design team’s efforts, combining our expertise with the talents of other team members to produce successful projects. Our Quality Assurance Program allows us to achieve our mission on each project.

Quality Assurance Program

Our profession is constantly evolving. There are continuous improvements in construction materials, methods of design and analysis, and BIM technology. To improve the quality of our services, we stay abreast of the changes in the many areas that affect our profession, and we strive to improve our process of design. To accomplish this we:

1. Request that our engineers work toward fulfilling registration requirements and maintain their license.

2. Provide in-house continuing education seminars for our engineers.

3. Encourage continuing education through graduate studies and technical courses. We allow our employees the time to attend classes and we reimburse all expenses for courses successfully completed.

4. Ask employees to actively participate in design and construction technical organizations that are involved in performing research and reporting information.

5. Encourage employees to attend technical seminars pertaining to our industry.

6. Invite material suppliers to our office to demonstrate the latest construction materials and devices.

7. Conduct quarterly engineers and BIM technician meetings to share information.

8. Implement several quality improvement programs, dividing responsibility for overseeing these programs among our principals. These programs include:

  • maintaining a structural specifications database
  • maintaining an engineering standards manual and standards notes master
  • maintaining a BIM standards manual
  • providing an in-house training program for BIM modeling
  • researching and purchasing the latest engineering and BIM software
  • maintaining an up-to-date library of technical and product reference

9. Maintain systems by which our projects are reviewed and checked during design by the Project Manager and the BIM technician. Upon completion, it is our policy to have the project checked in-house by an alternate personnel group as required.