Why Us

Creative, complete, coordinated, constructible, cost-efficient

These are the qualities that have distinguished Cardno since our founding:

  • Creative. Cardno believes that creative thinking is an important process in the structural design of all buildings. Our creativity consistently produces structural systems that integrate well with the architecture and other building systems. We take great pride in developing practical solutions to complex problems—our reputation is built on a “can do” spirit that drives us to meet each building challenge with inventive designs.

  • Complete. We are recognized throughout the real estate, design, and construction industries for thorough design and documentation production. Comprehensive structural design services extending beyond primary structural systems to include facade systems, decorative roof systems, skylight systems, stairs, specialty equipment support, and interior partitions; coordination of specialty consultants; documents showing full design detailing information for special connections between structural elements; and thorough construction services — these activities and more are typical to our basic services package.

  • Coordinated. We are adept at coordinating our work with multiple disciplines to produce accurate documents and meet demanding schedules. Multiple, ongoing, successful collaborations with owners, architects, and contractors nationwide attest to our skills in this area.

  • Constructible. Our nuts-and-bolts common sense project approach ensures that our designs are truly buildable. The general contractor for Disney’s 1.25 million sf Coronado Springs Resort commented that our design of a “friendly” structural system and an easy-to-place foundation helped subcontractors finish their work ahead of time and enabled early construction to progress seven weeks ahead of schedule.

  • Cost-efficient. Cardno designs cost-efficient, trouble-free buildings. Our superior quality documents that are thoroughly detailed, well coordinated, and accurate; follow-up construction services; and close collaboration with all team members are the basis for this distinction. Our goal on every project is to optimize structural systems that meet or surpass budget and serviceability expectations.