Cardno has extensive mission critical experience, including more than 3 million sf in the Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, and other regions of the country. Our experience covers the full spectrum of structural engineering services required by today’s corporations and government agencies for data centers, collocation spaces, server rooms, LAN rooms, Network Operations/Control Centers, and cell antennae sites. These designs include new shell buildings, the conversion of existing buildings, and support areas for mission critical facilities. Cardno’s familiarity with mission critical facilities provides substantial insight into addressing important end-user requirements. In addition, our process places great emphasis on the timely delivery of service, resulting in our proven track record with accelerated schedules, which are often the norm in the mission critical building environment. We have completed facilities, building conversions, expansions and data center build-outs for:

  • Equinix
  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Data Foundry
  • VeriSign
  • Savvis
  • Exodus Communications
  • Capital Group
  • Unisys
  • Verizon

Our engineers coordinate regularly with multiple disciplines, including architectural and MEP firms, involved in the design of mission critical facilities. We are adept at identifying the most cost effective and expeditious ways to support their designs. Cardno incorporates structural systems to accommodate the equipment and infrastructure required for these special-use spaces, including:

  • MEP infrastructure areas
  • Raised access flooring (white space)
  • Special equipment areas
  • Security features
  • Emergency generators
  • Mezzanines
  • Hanging loads supported by structure
  • Floor loads
  • Troughs in slabs for chilled water piping

The structural design of a mission critical facility is a key component in the overall success of the project and is significantly impacted by the method of support for electrical and mechanical equipment as well as the hardening of the building when desired. Cardno understands the importance of specific design considerations associated with shell (Greenfield) buildings, building conversions, and data center build-outs, including:

  • Structural system options - steel framing, precast concrete, and load bearing tilt-wall panels
  • Wind design speeds/tornado resistant design
  • Roof top equipment - supported directly by roof structure or platform above roof
  • Interior issues - hanging loads, below-grade utility coordination, generators and associated air in-take/exhaust challenges, piping runs, house-keeping pads for chillers, UPS systems, batteries, and other equipment
  • Equipment yards - elevated support for cooling towers and concrete pads for generators, electrical switch gear, chilled water storage tanks, and fuel storage tanks
  • Build-out of data center and support spaces

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